Fresh and frozen pork carcasses, cuts, offal, by-products and processed meat products, in different packing according to the customer's specifications.

Primal cuts: Side, Foreends, Middles, Legs.

Bone in and Boneless cuts: Tennis cut shoulder, Shoulder 3D and 4D, Collar, Loin, Tenderloin, Belly (Deli, A and B) sheet or single ribbed, Leg (Round cut, Straight cut, Belgian cut, Parma cut, etc.) 3D, 4D and 5D, front and hind hocks, etc.

Ribs, bones and soft bones: Riblets, Loin ribs (wide and narrow cut), Spareribs (with or without breastbone), Neck bones, Back bones, Feather bones, Tip bones, Sternum bones, Femur bones, Humerus bones, Soft bones, Moon bones, etc.

Manufacturing: Leg trimming 90 vl. And 80 vl., Oyster piece, Trimming 80 vl. 70 vl. 60 vl., Head meat 80 vl. 70 vl., Shank meat, Jowls (rind-on and rindless), Belly strips, Belly flanks, MDM and Baader meat, Leg and shoulder fat, Back fat, Neck fat, Cutting fat, Soft fat, Rind, etc.

Offal and by-products: Front feet and hind feet, Ears (whole, flaps and inner ear), Head (whole and half), Snout, Mask, Tail and tail bone, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Tongue, Brain, Diaphragm, Uteri, Stomachs, Bladder, etc.