In order to offer a higher level of satisfaction to our customers (Food processors, Food service and Retailers) we can deliver a wide range of frozen vegetables and potato chips (French fries) too.

The IQF frozen vegetable products in different quality grades and sizes are packed in 500 gr. 1 Kg. 2.5 Kg. or bulk packed in 10 Kg. carton boxes.

Some of the frozen vegetable products which we are offering regularly to our customers are as follows:

Green Beans (fine, extra fine, whole or cuts), Green Peas (fine and extra fine), Carrots (diced, sliced, baby carrot), Sweet Corn, Spinach (leaves and minced in portions), Mixed Vegetables (Mexican Mix with rice, Wok Mix, etc.), Potato Fries (7/7, 9/9, 10/10, crinkle, wedges, etc.).